DTrace: coming attractions

I haven’t been as prolific a blog writer as I like for the last few days because I’ve been working morning, noon, and night on some pretty cool new stuff for DTrace. Here’s a teaser, I promise I’ll give you more later when I have it all working:

bash-2.05b# dtrace -l -n plockstat100694:::
ID     PROVIDER            MODULE                        FUNCTION NAME
37394 plockstat694         libc.so.1                mutex_lock_queue mutex-block
37395 plockstat694         libc.so.1                     rwlock_lock rw-block
37396 plockstat694         libc.so.1                 __mutex_trylock mutex-acquire
37397 plockstat694         libc.so.1                  __mutex_unlock mutex-release
37398 plockstat694         libc.so.1           mutex_unlock_internal mutex-release
37399 plockstat694         libc.so.1          mutex_trylock_adaptive mutex-spin
37400 plockstat694         libc.so.1                     rwlock_lock rw-block
37401 plockstat694         libc.so.1                 cond_wait_queue mutex-acquire
37402 plockstat694         libc.so.1           _pthread_spin_trylock mutex-acquire
37403 plockstat694         libc.so.1                     lmutex_lock mutex-acquire
37404 plockstat694         libc.so.1                 __mutex_trylock mutex-acquire
37405 plockstat694         libc.so.1                 mutex_lock_impl mutex-acquire
37406 plockstat694         libc.so.1               fast_process_lock mutex-acquire

In case you need a hint, note that plockstat rhymes with lockstat(1m)

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  1. Written by Alan Hargreaves
    on July 25, 2004 at 6:39 pm

    I believe that my comment on this one on the internal Dtrace alias was …

    mmmm, yummy

    Those of us that get stuck with user-space performance calls with a (decided lack of data) are going to find this one useful… Well, it will be useful when we can get these folks onto Solaris 10, many are still running 2.6 (and some even on 2.5.1!).

  2. Written by Alan Hargreaves' Weblog
    on August 30, 2004 at 9:26 pm

    [Trackback] Just noticed two rather large dtrace putbacks into build 67 today.
    Bryan has just completed a whole lot of small fixes that include the gas/as problem with the fbt provider that was discussed on the bigadmin forum and some interaction issues wit…

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