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Believe it or not…

I really never thought I’d be sticking a picture of a penguin on my weblog, but here it is… Joined by Bryan and Eric, I’ll be speaking (and listening) at the OpenSolaris BoF at LinuxWorld (August 9, 5:30-7:00). We’ll be talking about using and developing on OpenSolaris, how you can participate, and most likely comparing [...]

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DTrace User-Land

One of the primary motivations for DTrace was the absence of a framework that united observability into all aspects of the system. There were certainly tools for looking at the individual components (iostat(1) for I/O; mpstat(1) and prstat(1) for some basic system monitoring; truss(1), gdb(1), mdb(1) and dbx(1) for examining processes), but correlating the data [...]

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