I didn’t mean strace

I admit: some things bug me more than they probably should. One such annoyance which has caused me far more consternation than it was due has been Google’s auto-suggest when searching for “DTrace” — no, I didn’t mean “strace”, ok?! Perhaps more annoying (but admittedly a less frequent annoyance) was Google’s (otherwise fantastic) SMS service: Did you mean “strace”? Because there were no matches for that either, FYI. Great; good to know; thanks for the auto-correct; tremendously helpful.

Finally, Google is gratefully silent about strace when I search for DTrace. This is, presumably, due to the 100,000+ hit you get when search for DTrace, but I prefer to imagine the Google algorithms spurned and sulking: fine, have your stupid DTrace search, see if I offer to help you again.

Posted on August 9, 2005 at 5:58 am by ahl · Permalink
In: DTrace