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Fall of Code?

Actually, Fall, Winter and Spring of code. Sun just announced the Solaris 10 Univesity Challenge Content. That’s right, it’s a challenge and a contest and with three times the staying power of single season of code. Apparently in a modern day treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Google ceded the rest of the year to Sun. Perhaps this [...]

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OpenSolaris and svk

Today at EuroOSCON, I attended a introductory talk on svn by Chia-liang Kao. I was hopeful that svk might address some of the issues that I thought would prevent us from adopting Subversion for OpenSolaris. In particular, Subversion requires a centralized repository whereas svk, which is built on top of Subversion, provides the distributed revision [...]

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OpenSolaris and Subversion

I just attended Brian W. Fitzpatrick‘s talk on Subversion at EuroOSCON. Brian did a great job and Subversion looks like a really complete replacement for cvs — the stated goal of the project. What I was particularly interested in was the feasibility of using Subversion as the revision control system for OpenSolaris; according to the [...]

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This week I’ll be in Amsterdam attending and speaking at Euro OSCON. I’ll be running a session on DTrace on Thursday at 1:30. For the uninitiated, DTrace is the systemic observability framework in OpenSolaris that allows for tracing of the kernel and applications on production systems. At OSCON in Portland, Bryan and Wez extended DTrace [...]

Posted on October 16, 2005 at 1:30 pm by ahl · Permalink · Comments Closed
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Too much pid provider

Perhaps it’s a bit Machiavellian, but I just love code that in some way tricks another piece of code. For example, in college I wrote some code that trolled through the address space of my favorite game to afford me certain advantages. Most recently, I’ve been working on some code that tricks other code into [...]

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