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DTrace for Ruby at OSCON 2007

I just got back from OSCON, a conference on Open Source that O’Reilly hosts in Portland annually. The conference offered some interesting content and side-shows with some notable highlights (more on those in the next few days). Brendan and I gave a presentation on how a crew from Sun dropped in on Twitter to help [...]

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DTrace “Scobleized”

Robert Scoble was kind enough to interview us last week for the ScobleShow. Robert pretty much let us riff continuously for half an hour — we clearly haven’t been getting to talk about DTrace enough lately. I thought he would trim it down a bit, but like a scene from Hard Boiled, it’s all there. [...]

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iSCSI DTrace provider and more to come

People often ask about the future direction of DTrace, and while we have some stuff planned for the core infrastructure, the future is really about extending DTrace’s scope into every language, protocol, and application with new providers — and this development is being done by many different members of the DTrace community. An important goal [...]

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