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What-If Machine: DTrace Port

What if there were a port of DTrace to Linux? What if there were a port of DTrace to Linux: could such a thing be done without violating either the GPL or CDDL? Read on before you jump right to the comments section to add your two cents. In my last post, I discussed an [...]

Posted on August 6, 2007 at 6:00 am by ahl · Permalink · 15 Comments
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DTrace Knockoffs

Update 8/6/2007: Those of you interested in this entry may also want to check out my next entry on the legality of a hypothetical port of DTrace to Linux. Tools We Wish We Had — OSCON 7/26/2007 Last week at OSCON someone set up a whiteboard with the heading “Tools We Wish We Had”. People [...]

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