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illumos hackathon on October, 24

On Monday, the Delphix systems crew is rolling down the 101 to the illumos hackathon in San Jose. Anyone who’s working on illumos, developing illumos-derived technologies like ZFS or DTrace, or who wants to cut some OS code, should drop by. Here’s the sign up. What’s a hackathon? Not exactly sure, but we’re hoping to [...]

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Welcome Matt Amdur

It’s my pleasure to welcome Matt Amdur to Delphix, to the world of DTrace, and — just today — to the blogosphere. Matt joined Delphix about two months after 10 years of software engineering, most recently at VMware. Matt and I met in at Brown University in 1997 where we worked together closely for all [...]

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Oracle’s port: this is not DTrace

After writing about Oracle’s port of DTrace to OEL, I wanted to take it for a spin. Following the directions that Wim Coekaerts spelled out, I installed and configured a VM to run OEL with Oracle’s nascent DTrace port. Setting up the system was relatively painless. Here’s my first DTrace invocation on OEL: [root@screven ~]# [...]

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DTrace for Linux

Yesterday (October 4, 2011) Oracle made the surprising announcement that they would be porting some key Solaris features, DTrace and Zones, to Oracle Enterprise Linux. As one of the original authors, the news about DTrace was particularly interesting to me, so I started digging. I should note that this isn’t the first time I’ve written [...]

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