illumos hackathon on October, 24

On Monday, the Delphix systems crew is rolling down the 101 to the illumos hackathon in San Jose. Anyone who’s working on illumos, developing illumos-derived technologies like ZFS or DTrace, or who wants to cut some OS code, should drop by. Here’s the sign up.

What’s a hackathon? Not exactly sure, but we’re hoping to cut a bunch of code, and hopefully build some neat stuff in a short period of time. The basic plan is that we’ll meet at the Wyndam at 10am — if you can’t track us down, message me on twitter. Bring your ideas for cool, fun projects, that a few people might be able to bang out in a marathon day. At Delphix, we’ve been thinking about time-correlated DTrace, libzfs v2, tab-completion for mdb, some build system improvements, and something goofy we call tarfs. We’ll throw the ideas at the whiteboard, break into project teams, and hack them up until we have something to demo (and Joyent has offered up build servers if you need one).

For now, think about what you’d want to build (think fun but small — we only have the day), pull down the illumos source, and hoard your favorite source of caffeine. Got a good idea? Post it in the comments. And I hope to see you Monday.

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