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DTrace OEL update

A few months ago I took DTrace on OEL for a spin after Oracle announced it. The results were ugly; as one of the authors of DTrace, I admit to being shocked by shoddiness of the effort. Yesterday, Oracle dropped an updated beta so I wanted to see how far they’ve come in the 4+ months [...]

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Delphix git integration

Tonight, my Delphix colleague Zubair Khan and I presented the integration we’ve done with git at the SF Bay Area Large-Scale Production Engineering meetup. When I started at Delphix, we were using Subversion — my ire for which the margins of this blog are too narrow to contain. We switched to git, and in the [...]

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Hardware Engineer

Back at Fishworks, my colleagues had a nickname for me: Adam Leventhal, Hardware Engineer. I wasn’t designing hardware; I wasn’t even particularly more involved with hardware specs. The name referred to my preternatural ability to fit round pegs into square holes, to know when parts would bend but not break (or if they broke how [...]

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