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SS 7000 simulator update plus VirtualBox

On the heels of the 2009.Q2.0.0 release, we’ve posted an update to the Sun Storage 7000 simulator. The simulator contains the exact same software as the other members of the 7000 series, but runs inside a VM rather than on actual hardware. It supports all the same features, and has all the same UI components; [...]

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Sun Storage 7000 simulator upgrade

Today we released version 2009.Q2.0.0, the first major software update for the Sun Storage 7000 series. It includes a bunch of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Significantly for users of the Sun Storage 7000 simulator, the virtual machine version of the 7000 series, this is the first update that supports the VMs. As with [...]

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SSDs for HSPs

We’re announcing a couple of new things in the flash SSD space. First, support the Intel X25-E SSD in a bunch of our servers. This can be used to create a Hybrid Storage Pool like in the Sun Storage 7000 series, or as just a little flash for high performance / low power / tough [...]

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Presentation: Hybrid Storage Pools and SSDs

Today at The First Workshop on Integrating Solid-state Memory into the Storage Hierarchy (WISH 2009) I gave a short talk about our experience integrating flash into the storage hierarchy and the interaction with SSDs. In the talk I discussed the recent history of flash SSDs as well as some key areas for future improvements. You [...]

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Fishworks VM: the 7000 series on your laptop

In May of 2007 I was lined up to give my first customer presentation of what would become the Sun Storage 7000 series. I inherited a well-worn slide deck describing the product, but we had seen the reactions of prospective customers who saw the software live and had a chance to interact with features such [...]

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More from the storage anarchist

In my last blog post I responded to Barry Burke author of the Storage Anarchist blog. I was under the perhaps naive impression that Barry was an independent voice in the blogosphere. In fact, he’s merely Storage Anarchist by night; by day he’s the mild-mannered chief strategy officer for EMC’s Symmetrix Products Group — a [...]

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Dancing with the Anarchist

Barry Burke, the Storage Anarchist, has written an interesting roundup (“don’t miss the amazing vendor flash dance”) covering the flash strategies of some players in the server and storage spaces. Sun’s position on flash comes out a bit mangled, but Barry can certainly be forgiven for missing the mark since Sun hasn’t always communicated its [...]

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HSP talk at the OpenSolaris Storage Summit

The organizers of the OpenSolaris Storage Summit asked me to give a presentation about Hybrid Storage Pools and ZFS. You can download the presentation titled ZFS, Cache, and Flash. In it, I talk about flash as a new caching tier in the storage hierarchy, some of the innovations in ZFS to enable the HSP, and [...]

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Flash workshop at ASPLOS

Before this year’s ASPLOS conference, I’ll be speaking at the First Workshop on Integrating Solid-state Memory into the Storage Hierarchy (WISH2009). It looks like a great program with some terrific papers on how to use flash effectively and how to combine various solid state technologies to complement conventional storage. I’ll be talking about the work [...]

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Casting the shadow of the Hybrid Storage Pool

The debate, calmly waged, on the best use of flash in the enterprise can be summarized as whether flash should be a replacement for disk, acting as primary storage, or it should be regarded as a new, and complementary tier in the storage hierarchy, acting as a massive read cache. The market leaders in storage [...]

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