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The future of Solaris

In 2005, Sun released the source code to Solaris,  described then as the company’s crown jewel. Why do this? The simplest answer is that Solaris had been losing ground to an open source competitor in Linux. Losing ground was a symptom of  economics. Students who had once been raised on Solaris were being inculcated with [...]

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Linux Defection

Ian Murdock has left the Linux Foundation to lead the operating systems strategy here at Sun. The last few years have seen some exciting changes at Sun: releasing Solaris 10 (which includes several truly revolutionary technologies), embracing x86, leading on x64, and taking Solaris open source. That a luminary of the Linux world was enticed [...]

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OpenSolaris on LugRadio

The good folks over at LugRadio (that LUG; not the other LUG of course) invited me on their show to answer some of their questions about OpenSolaris. You can find it in the latest episode. Check your volume before you start playing the episode: the first reference to masturbation is approximately 6 seconds in. Understandably, [...]

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Fall of Code?

Actually, Fall, Winter and Spring of code. Sun just announced the Solaris 10 Univesity Challenge Content. That’s right, it’s a challenge and a contest and with three times the staying power of single season of code. Apparently in a modern day treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Google ceded the rest of the year to Sun. Perhaps this [...]

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OpenSolaris and svk

Today at EuroOSCON, I attended a introductory talk on svn by Chia-liang Kao. I was hopeful that svk might address some of the issues that I thought would prevent us from adopting Subversion for OpenSolaris. In particular, Subversion requires a centralized repository whereas svk, which is built on top of Subversion, provides the distributed revision [...]

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OpenSolaris and Subversion

I just attended Brian W. Fitzpatrick‘s talk on Subversion at EuroOSCON. Brian did a great job and Subversion looks like a really complete replacement for cvs — the stated goal of the project. What I was particularly interested in was the feasibility of using Subversion as the revision control system for OpenSolaris; according to the [...]

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This week I’ll be in Amsterdam attending and speaking at Euro OSCON. I’ll be running a session on DTrace on Thursday at 1:30. For the uninitiated, DTrace is the systemic observability framework in OpenSolaris that allows for tracing of the kernel and applications on production systems. At OSCON in Portland, Bryan and Wez extended DTrace [...]

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The mysteries of _init

I hadn’t been fully aware that I felt this way, but I recently had a realization: I love the linker. It’s a technology that’s amazing in both its simplicity and its complexity. I’m sure my feelings are influenced in no small way by the caliber of the engineers working on it — Rod and Mike [...]

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Believe it or not…

I really never thought I’d be sticking a picture of a penguin on my weblog, but here it is… Joined by Bryan and Eric, I’ll be speaking (and listening) at the OpenSolaris BoF at LinuxWorld (August 9, 5:30-7:00). We’ll be talking about using and developing on OpenSolaris, how you can participate, and most likely comparing [...]

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Debugging cross calls on OpenSolaris

I think the thing I love most about debugging software is that each tough bug can seem like an insurmountable challenge — until you figure it out. But until you do, each tough bugs is the hardest problem you’ve ever had to solve. There are weeks when every morning presents me with a seemingly impossible [...]

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