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Beautiful S10/RHEL drag race

Network World Fusion has an article comparing Solaris 10 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 (the self-proclaimed Solaris killer. The sweetest part of this article is the graph showing relative performance numbers. Solaris gets beat in 32-bit mode, but edges out Linux in 64-bit mode on identical hardware. AND, we’ve got a bunch more x86-64 [...]

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Sanity and FUD

With all the FUD coming out of Red Hat, I thought the online rags would fall all over themselves to call shotgun on the anti-Solaris bandwagon. But LinuxInsider seems to have planted their flag on rational reporting: Stacey Quandt, Open Source Practice Leader for the Robert Frances Group, agreed. “Although many organizations continue to migrate [...]

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Solaris 10 in the news: week 1

It’s been just over a week since we officially launched Solaris 10 and the reactions from the press have been all over the map. Consider these two declarations: Not many open source aficionados will realize the impact, but by making Solaris 10 free and capable of operating on any kind of hardware, Sun is making [...]

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Solaris 10 Launch

I was at the Solaris 10 launch for most of Monday, and it was a pretty fantastic day for everyone working on Solaris 10. I spent about two hours helping to answer questions in an online chat — here’s the transcript — about Solaris 10 in what was dubbed a webchat sweatshop. There were a [...]

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LinuxInsider on Solaris

Check out LinuxInsider’s article on Solaris 10. In particular, the last paragraph has high praise for Solaris 10 and Sun’s forthcoming hardware ventures: Bring them together in production systems and what do you get? The ability to organize your business around a single physical computer redundantly implemented in processors spread across your network — meaning [...]

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more on gcore

Trawling through b.s.c I noticed Fintan Ryan talking about gcore(1), and I realized that I hadn’t sufficently promoted this cool utility. As part of my work adding variable core file content, I rewote gcore from scratch (it used to be a real pile) to add a few new features and to make it use libproc [...]

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Solaris 10 top 11-20 number 15: kmdb

go to the Solaris 10 top 11-20 list for more Getting back to the business of the Solaris 10 top 11-20, Eric Schrock has written up a great piece on kmdb the new kernel-mode debugger which is newly available in Solaris Express 8/04. Check it out.

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Inside Solaris Express

Since a few people in various forums have been asking about it, I thought I’d explain a little about how Solaris Express works. I know the story best from the kernel side, but keep in mind there are other parts of Solaris — Java, the X server, etc. — that have slightly different processes. In [...]

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Assuaging OpenSolaris fears

While trawling through b.s.c., a comment caught my eye in this post from Glenn’s weblog: As a shareholder, I do NOT want you to “open source” solaris in its entirety (ESPECIALLY DTrace!). I want you to keep the good stuff completely sun-only, accessible only under NDA. Certainly, this echoes some of the same concern I [...]

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Number 19 of 20: per-thread p-tools

go to the Solaris 10 top 11-20 list for more p-tools Since Solaris 7 we’ve included a bunch of process observability tools — the so called “p-tools”. Some of them inspect aspects of the process of the whole. For example, the pmap(1) command shows you information about a process’s mappings, their location and ancillary information [...]

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