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I am not a resource

Lots of jargon sloshes around the conference rooms at tech firms; plenty of it seeps into other domains as well. Most of it is fairly unobjectionable. We’re all happy to be submariners, forever sending pings at each other. Taking things offline is probably preferable to taking them outside. And I’ll patiently wait for data to [...]

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Lessons from a decade of blogging

I started my blog June 17, 2004, tempted by the opportunity of Sun’s blogging policy, and cajoled by Bryan Cantrill’s presentation to the Solaris Kernel Team “Guerrilla Marketing” (net: Sun has forgotten about Solaris so let’s get the word out). I was a skeptical blogger. I even resisted the contraction “blog”, insisting on calling it [...]

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breaking with tradition

In this weblog, I’ve tried to stick to the facts, talk about the things I know about DTrace, Solaris and the industry, and not stray into the excrutiating minutia of the rest of my life. But: The Red Sox Are Going To The World Series!! Post World Series Update: It has been an amazing and [...]

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