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Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women

Walk around almost any software development shop or university CS department and you’ll be struck by the underrepresentation of women. At least you would be were this not an expected norm of our industry. And of course much has been written about this recently hot topic in Silicon Valley. What do companies and organizations do [...]

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Delphix Sync

Oracle OpenWorld is always a huge event for us at Delphix; it brings together our customers and partners like nothing else. And so it was the perfect venue to launch our new Delphix user group: Sync. In its history Delphix has learned best from our customers. As I heard Marc Benioff opine at Dropbox’s inaugural [...]

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On Blogging (Briefly)

I gave a presentation today on the methods and reasons of blogging for Delphix Engineering.

One of my points was that presentations make for simple blog posts–practice what you preach!

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Delphix Week of Giving

In the frenzied, insular world of a Silicon Valley startup it can be easy to lose perspective on the broader community in which we live and work. Among the great hackathon projects to come from our bi-annual engineering event was the idea of “Angel Sharks”, a group of volunteers at Delphix who provide opportunities for [...]

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Enterprise support and the term abroad

Delphix customers include top companies across a wide range of industries, most of them executing around the clock. Should a problem arise they require support from Delphix around the clock as well. To serve our customers’ needs we’ve drawn from industry best-practices while recently mixing in an unconventional approach to providing the best possible customer [...]

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The Total Cost of Unmasked Data

Data breaches make headlines at a regular cadence. Each is a surprise, but they are not, as a whole, surprising. While the extensive and sophisticated Target breach stuck in the headlines, a significant breach at three South Korean credit card companies happened around the same time. The theft of personal information for 20m subscribers didn’t [...]

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Delphix plus three years

Today marks my third anniversary of joining Delphix. Joining a startup, I knew there would be lots to learn — indeed there’s been a lesson nearly once-a-day. Here are my top three lessons from my first three years at a startup. Even if the points themselves should have been obvious to me, the degree of [...]

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Delphix and Flash

I started working with flash in 2006 — fortunate timing as flash was just starting to take hold in the enterprise. I started asking customers I’d visit about flash. I’ll always remember the response from an early adopter when I asked about how he planned on using the new, expensive storage, “We just bought it, [...]

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Agile Data Technology

Applications are the nexus of the modern enterprise. They simplify operations, speed execution, and drive competitive advantage. Accelerating the application lifecycle means accelerating the business. Increasingly, organizations turn to public and private clouds, SaaS offerings, and outsourcing to hasten development and reduce risk, only to find themselves held hostage by their data. Applications are nothing [...]

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Enterprise Software Hackathons

At Delphix, we just concluded one of our recurring Engineering Kickoff events where we get everyone together for a few days of collaboration, discussion, idea sharing, and fun. In this case it included, for the first time, an all-day hackathon event. To be honest, it was a bit of an experiment and one where we [...]

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