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Hardware Engineer

Back at Fishworks, my colleagues had a nickname for me: Adam Leventhal, Hardware Engineer. I wasn’t designing hardware; I wasn’t even particularly more involved with hardware specs. The name referred to my preternatural ability to fit round pegs into square holes, to know when parts would bend but not break (or if they broke how [...]

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Leaving Oracle

Three years ago I first came to Sun Microsystems working in Microelectronics and had a chance to work on verification for KT – what most of us now know as the Sparc T3. After a great time there, I found myself given the opportunity to join the Fishworks team twice, first for an unforgettable internship [...]

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Leaving Oracle

I first came to Sun over 4 years ago for an internship in the Solaris kernel group.  I was excited to work with such a highly regarded group of talented engineers, and my experience that summer was no disappointment: I learned a lot and had a blast. After college, I joined Sun’s Fishworks team.  Despite [...]

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SS7000 Software Updates

In this entry I’ll explain some of the underlying principles around software upgrade for the 7000 series.  Keep in mind that nearly all of this information are implementation details of the system and thus subject to change. Entire system image One of the fundamental design principles about SS7000 software updates is that all releases update [...]

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Replication for disaster recovery

When designing a disaster recovery solution using remote replication, two important parameters are the recovery time objective (RTO) and the recovery point objective (RPO). For these purposes, a disaster is any event resulting in permanent data loss at the primary site which requires restoring service using data recovered from the disaster recovery (DR) site. The [...]

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Delphix launch at DEMO

At 4:08pm today, we will launch Delphix Server at DEMO. At the presentation, Richard Rothschild from TiVo will describe how they have been using Delphix. TiVo, of course, has been canonized as technology that changes the way we live or work. My past work on DTrace was described by users as “TiVo for the kernel” [...]

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Leaving Oracle

I joined the Solaris Kernel Group in 2001 at what turned out to be a remarkable place and time for the industry. More by luck and intuition than by premonition, I found myself surrounded by superlative engineers working on revolutionary technologies that were the products of their own experience and imagination rather than managerial fiat. [...]

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Fishworks history of SSDs

This year’s flash memory summit got me thinking about our use of SSDs over the years at Fishworks. The picture of our left is a visual history of SSD evals in rough chronological order from the oldest at the bottom to the newest at the top (including some that have yet to see the light [...]

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Farewell to Bryan Cantrill

I’ve been expecting this automated mail for a while now, but it was disheartening nonetheless: List: dtrace-discuss Member: Action: Subscription disabled. Reason: Excessive or fatal bounces. As one of the moderators of the DTrace discussion list, I see people subscribe and unsubscribe. Bryan has, of course, left Oracle and joined Joyent to be their [...]

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Good-bye, Sun

In Februrary 1996, I came out to Sun Microsystems to interview for a job knowing only two things: that I wanted to do operating systems kernel development — and that I didn’t particularly want to work for Sun. I was right on the first count, but knew I was wrong on the second just moments [...]

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