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Kartlytics: Applying Big Data Analytics to Mario Kart 64

This post also appears on the Joyeur blog. If you missed it, Joyent recently launched Manta, a web-facing object store with compute as a first-class operation. Manta makes it easy to crunch on Big Data in the cloud, and we’ve seen it used by both ourselves and others and others to solve real business problems [...]

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Fault tolerance in Manta

Since launching Manta last week, we’ve seen a lot of excitement. Thoughtful readers quickly got to burning questions about the system’s fault tolerance: what happens when backend Manta components go down? In this post, I’ll discuss fault tolerance in Manta in more detail. If anything seems left out, please ask: it’s either an oversight or [...]

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Manta: Unix Meets Map Reduce

Today Joyent launched Manta: an object store built upon ZFS and Zones, the SmartOS platform, and with a familiar Unix interface as the API. This supports compute jobs such as map reduce, and provides high performance by co-locating zones with the object storage. We also have extensive DTrace instrumentation throughout the product, which we’ve been [...]

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