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The TSA Method

TSA Method in class (SmartOS) There are two basic performance analysis methodologies you can use for most performance issues. The first is the resource-oriented USE Method, which provides a checklist for identifying common bottlenecks and errors. The second is the thread-oriented TSA Method, for identifying issues causing poor thread performance. I summarized the TSA Method [...]

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Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud

Systems performance analysis is an important skill for all computer users, whether you’re trying to understand why your laptop is slow, or optimizing the performance of a large-scale production environment. It is the study of both operating system (kernel) and application performance, but can also lead to more specialized performance topics, for specific languages or [...]

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USENIX LISA 2012: Performance Analysis Methodology

At USENIX LISA 2012, I gave a talk titled Performance Analysis Methodology. This covered ten performance analysis anti-methodologies and methodologies, including the USE Method. I wrote about these in the ACMQ article Thinking Methodically about Performance, which is worth reading for more detail. I’ve also posted USE Method-derived checklists for Solaris- and Linux-based systems. The [...]

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The USE Method

A serious performance issue arises, and you suspect it’s caused by the server. What do you check first? Back when I was teaching operating system performance, I wanted a methodology my students could follow to find common issues quickly, without overlooking important areas. Like an emergency checklist in a flight manual, it would be something [...]

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