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mdb tab completion

Last October, the first illumos hack-a-thon took place. Out of that a lot of interesting things were done and have since been integrated into illumos. Two of the more interesting gems were Adam Leventhal and Matt Ahrens adding dtrace -x temporal and Eric Schrock adding the DTrace print() action. Already print() is in the ranks [...]

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illumos Hardware Compatibility List

One of the challenges when using any Operating System is answering the question ‘Is my hardware supported?’. To track this down, you often have to scour Internet sites, hoping someone else has already asked the question, or do other, more horrible machinations – or ask someone like me. If you’re running on an illumos-based system [...]

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Figuring out where you’re longjmp(3c)ing with DTrace

Last Monday was the illumos hack-a-thon. There, I worked with Matt Amdur on adding tab completion support to mdb — the illumos modular debugger. The hack-a-thon was wildly successful and a lot of fun, I hope to put together an entry on the hack-a-thon and give an overview of the projects that were worked on [...]

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Hello, world!

Welcome to this humble blog. I’m currently an engineer on the Fishworks team. I’ll have some interesting things to talk about from the work I do. Before that I graduated from Brown’s CS Department. During my time there I did research with Prof. Tom Doeppner, I helped run the TA Program, and TAed several courses, [...]

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