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Demo Perils

One of the downsides of being an operating systems developer is that the demos of the technology that you develop often suck. (“Look, it boots! And hey, we can even run programs and it doesn’t crash!”) So it’s been a pleasant change to develop DTrace, a technology that packs a jaw-dropping demo. In demonstrating DTrace [...]

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The DTrace integration

I’ve been following with interest this thread on the linux-kernel mailing list. The LTT folks have apparently given up on the claim that they’ve got “basically almost everything [DTrace] claims to provide.” They now acknowledge the difference in functionality between LTT and DTrace, but they’re using it to continue an attack on the Linux development [...]

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DTrace vs. DProbes/LTT

Recently, Karim Yaghmour posted the following to the linux-kernel mailing list: As I noted when discussing this with Andrew, we’ve been trying to get LTT into the kernel for the past five (5) years. During that time we’ve repeatedly encountered the same type of arguments for not including it, and have provided proof as to [...]

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Whither systems research?

Ted Leung noted the discussion that Werner and I have been having, and observed that we should consider Rob Pike’s (in)famous polemic, “Systems Software Research is Irrelevant.” I should say that I broadly agree with most of Pike’s conclusions — and academic systems software research has seemed increasingly irrelevant in the last five years. That [...]

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Ron Popeil?

Ashlee Vance of The Register has recently compared me to infamous kitchen gadget pitchman Ron Popeil. Let me clear up two misconceptions that have apparently arisen from this comparison. First, despite some claims to the contrary, DTrace cannot be used to make turkey-jerky. And second, the rumors of a DTrace infomercial starring Tom Vu are [...]

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Whither USENIX? (Part II)

Werner Vogels, a member of the USENIX ’04 Program Committee, has written very thoughtful responses to some of my observations. And it’s clear that Werner and I see the same problem: there is insufficient industrial/academic cooperation in computer science systems research — and the lack of cooperation is to the detriment of both groups. That [...]

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Whither USENIX?

As I mentioned earlier, I recently returned from USENIX ’04, where we presented the DTrace paper. It was a little shocking to me that our paper was the only paper to come exclusively from industry: most papers had no industry connection whatsoever, and the papers that had any authors from industry were typically primarily written [...]

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Beating the Odds

So I just got back from USENIX ’04, and I had planned to spend the flight writing up some observations on the conference. Unfortunately, these observations — as pithy as they no doubt will be — will have to wait: I ended up spending the flight inhaling Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. While [...]

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