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The Economics of Software

Software is like nothing else in the history of human endeavor:1 unlike everything else we have ever built, software costs nothing to manufacture, and it never wears out. Yet these magical properties are arguably overshadowed by the ugly truth that software remains incredibly expensive to build. This gives rise to some strange economic properties: software’s [...]

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DTrace on LKML

So DTrace was recently mentioned on the linux-kernel mailing list. The question in the subject was is “DTrace-like analysis possible with future Linux kernels?” The responses have been interesting. Karim Yaghmour rattled in with his usual blather about the existence of DTrace proving that LTT should have been accepted into the Linux kernel long ago. [...]

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Demo’ing DTrace

With my explanation of a demo gone wrong, several people have asked me the more general question: how does one demo DTrace? This question doesn’t have a single answer, especially given that DTrace is best demonstrated with ad hoc queries of the system. Indeed, the best demos are when someone in the audience shouts out [...]

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