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UNIX, circa 1984

I recently ran across Xhomer, a simulator for the DEC Pro 350. While there are several historic machine simulators out there, Xhomer is polished: it compiled and ran on my Opteron laptop running Solaris 10 with no difficulties. But best of all, Xhomer includes system software: you can download a disk image of VENIX 2.0 [...]

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Jack on Solaris 10

Finally, we have the South Park of operating systems: Inside Jack. It’s really pretty funny — and it even offers a rare glimpse (albeit animated) at Mike, the shadowy and elusive third member of Team DTrace. And if you enjoyed that episode of Inside Jack, there’s an earlier episode that’s also pretty amusing.

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Solaris 10 Launch

So it’s been an exciting week for Solaris: at long last, we officially launched Solaris 10 on Monday. Unlike most product launches, the Solaris 10 launch was heavy on both technical details and customer testimonials: it was very important to us that those covering the event understand that this isn’t ballyhooed nothingness — this is [...]

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