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The Economics of Software, redux

So there has been quite a bit of reaction to my thoughts on the economics of software. While most of the reaction has been quite positive, several economists have taken issue with my analysis. (Not surprisingly, I suppose; I’m sure I would take issue with any software written by an economist.) For example, Susan Stewart [...]

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Only 17 DTracing days left!

Just a quick reminder that there are only 17 days left in the DTrace challenge! This is a great opportunity to both show your DTrace prowess and win some propellor-head bling bling in the process. I’m obviously not allowed to enter, but after the contest, I’ll post what would have been my entry…

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From Russia, with love?

I ran across a fantastic DTrace blog. The only problem: it’s in Russian. (Or rather, it’s in Cyrillic — I suppose it could be any one of several dozen languages, but it seems unlikely that it’s in Mansi or Yakut.) Even if you only understand the examples, it’s worth checking out — and perhaps I [...]

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