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Your Java fell into my DTrace!

So I’ve been following with excitement the JVMPI and JVMTI agents prototyped by Jarod Jenson of Aeysis and developed by Kelly O’Hair of Sun (with some helpful guidance from Adam on Team DTrace). The agent exports DTrace probes that correspond to well-known Java phenomena (“method-entry”, “gc-start”, “vm-init”, etc), and while it isn’t a perfect solution [...]

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On Reverse Engineering

It has been a bit horrifying to watch the BitKeeper saga unfold. Not that it’s surprising of course that Larry rescinded the BK Linux license; if you know Larry or even know of him, you know that Larry’s tragic flaws — hypersensitivity, volatility and vindictiveness — made this an inevitability of sorts.1 So the horrifying [...]

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