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DTrace at JavaOne

I spent the day today at JavaOne in the City, where DTrace was featured prominently in the morning keynote: JohnnyL described DTrace in the abstract, and drew a (surprisingly large!) round of applause when he announced that DTrace now supports Java. He then called Adam on stage to do a demo, the most remarkable aspect [...]

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Still more blog sifting…

Even though the launch of OpenSolaris was well over a week ago, and even though the Opening Day entries have now been sifted through in five different blog entries (here, here, here here and here), there are still some great uncategorized entries. Without further ado… Zones. Zones are among the most talked-about new features in [...]

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Yet more blog sifting…

Despite there being now four blog entries to sift through the Opening Day entries (one from me, one from Liane, one from Claire and another from me), there are still some great entries that have gone uncategorized. Many of these entries fall into the category of “debugging war stories” – engineers describing a particularly tough [...]

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More blog sifting

If you didn’t see it, Liane Praza picked up where my sifting left off, adding a blog entry pointing to more Opening Day entries — this time in the categories of devices and device configuration, security, networking, and standards. But there are still a ton of entries to categorize, so picking up again in no [...]

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DTrace and OpenSolaris at BayLISA

For those of you in the Bay Area, I will be giving a talk and demo on DTrace at tonight’s BayLISA meeting in Cupertino. Starts at 7:30p, here are the directions. I will be demo’ing DTrace tonight on my laptop running OpenSolaris bits that I downloaded and built myself from outside of Sun’s internal network. [...]

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Sifting through the blogs…

Yesterday was Opening Day for OpenSolaris, and we welcomed OpenSolaris with hundreds of blog entries describing various aspects of the implementation. The breadth and depth of our blogging will hopefully put to rest any notion that open sourcing Solaris isn’t a grass-roots effort: if nothing else, it should be clear that we in the trenches [...]

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OpenSolaris Sewer Tour

Having OpenSolaris available today is an odd phenomenon in some ways. For me, having spent virtually my entire professional engineering life developing Solaris, opening the source is like having tourists suddenly flock to your hometown. And as the proud and unabashed local that I am, I feel compelled to welcome newcomers with a little bit [...]

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