Sifting through the blogs…

Yesterday was Opening Day for
we welcomed OpenSolaris with
of blog entries

various aspects of
the implementation.
The breadth and depth of our blogging
will hopefully
put to rest any notion that open sourcing Solaris isn’t a grass-roots
effort: if nothing else, it should be clear that we in the trenches
are very excited to finally be able to talk about the system
that we have poured so much of our lives into — and to welcome
new would-be contributors into the fold.

In our excitement, we may have overwhelmed a tad:
there was so much content yesterday, that it would have been impossible
for anyone to keep up — we blogged over 200,000 words (over 800 pages!)
yesterday alone.
So over the next few days, I want to highlight some entries that you
might have missed, broken down by subject area. In no particular order…

Okay, I think that’s enough for today — and yet it
barely scratches the surface! I didn’t even touch on gigantic
topics with many Opening Day entries
like security, networking, I/O, filesystems, performance, scheduling,
service management, observability, etc. etc. Stay tuned — or check out
Opening Day entries
for yourself…

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