Yet more blog sifting…

Despite there being now four blog entries to sift through the
Opening Day entries
(one from me,
one from Liane,
one from Claire
and another from me),
there are still some great entries that have gone uncategorized. Many
of these entries fall into the category of “debugging war stories” –
describing a particularly tough or interesting bug that they nailed.
proliferation of these kinds of stories among the Opening Day entries
is revealing: in
some organizations,
you’re a hero among engineers if you come up with a whizzy new app
(even if the implementation is a cesspool),
while in
others you might gain respect among engineers by getting a
big performance win
(even if it makes things a bit flakey),
but in Solaris
development, nothing gains the respect of peers like debugging some
diabolical bug that has plagued the operating system for years.
So if you’re new to
and you’re looking to make a name for yourself, a good place to start is
in the never-ending search for elusive bugs.
To get a flavor for the thrill of the hunt, check out:

And here are a few more on the simple (but thorough) satisfaction from
fixing old bugs:

That about does it for today. There are still many more entries to
categorize, but fortunately, I think I can see the light at the end of the
tunnel — or is that just the approach of death from the exhaustion of
sifting through
all of
this content

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