DTrace at OSCON

So I’ll be at OSCON this week, where I’ll be giving two presentations on
DTrace. The
first is a free tutorial that
Keith and I will be giving
OpenSolaris development with DTrace.
This tutorial is on Tuesday from 1:30p to 5p in room D140, and did I mention that this tutorial is free?
So even if you didn’t plan to attend any of the tutorials, if you’re going to be in Portland on Tuesday afternoon, you should
feel free to swing by — no need to preregister. This tutorial should be fun — we’re going to keep in very hands-on, and
it will be a demo-intensive introduction to both DTrace and to our larger tool-set that we use to both build OpenSolaris
and to diagnose it when it all goes horribly wrong. Hopefully you can join us!

The second session is
a presentation exclusively on DTrace. This is
quite a bit shorter (it’s 45 minutes), so this presentation is going to give a quick review of the DTrace fundamentals,
and then focus on the confluence of DTrace and open source — both what DTrace can do for your open source project,
and what you can do (if you’re so inclined) for the DTrace open source project. This session is on Thursday at 4:30 in Portland
room 255.

Other than that, my schedule is filled only with odds and ends; if you’re going to be at OSCON and you want to connect, drop
me a line or leave a message for me at my hotel, the 5th Avenue Suites. See you in Portland!

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