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DTrace and Ruby

It’s been an exciting few weeks for DTrace. The party got started with Wez Furlong’s new PHP DTrace provider at OSCON. Then Devon O’Dell announced that he was starting to work in earnest on a DTrace port to FreeBSD. And now, Rich Lowe has made available a prototype Ruby DTrace provider. To install this, grab [...]

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DTrace on FreeBSD?

One of the exciting things about OpenSolaris is that it’s released under a license — the CDDL — that allows ports of individual components to other systems. In particular, at my OSCON presentation two weeks ago, I discussed some of the expertise required to port one such component, DTrace, to another system. I’m happy to [...]

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Ubuntu and DTrace break bread

Today, Mike, Adam and I had lunch with Jeff Waugh, who is in town for LinuxWorld. He showed us his, we showed him ours, and a great time was had by all. I think everyone agreed that a system with Debian packages, Ubuntu package management, the Solaris Service Management Facility and (of course) DTrace would [...]

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DTrace and PHP, demonstrated

If you were at my presentation at OSCON yesterday, I apologize for the brisk pace — there was a ton of material to cover, and forty-five minutes isn’t much time. Now that I’ve got a little more time, I’d like to get into the details of the PHP demonstration that I did during the presentation. [...]

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DTrace and PHP

Tonight during our OpenSolaris BOF at OSCON, PHP core developer Wez Furlong was busy adding a DTrace provider to PHP. After a little bit of work (and a little bit of debugging), we got it working — and damn is it cool. Wez implemented it as a shared object, which may then be loaded via [...]

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Party in our room

If you’re at OSCON and you’re interested in an after-party with — I’m told — “premium drinks”, swing by the OpenSolaris suite (room 1560 at the Doubletree) from 10pm on. If for nothing else, you’ll want to be there in the early morning hours when Keith throws the furniture out the window in a drunken [...]

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