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On the beauty in Beautiful Code

I finished Beautiful Code this week, and have been reflecting on the book and its development. In particular, I have thought back to some of the authors’ discussion, in which some advocated a different title. Many of us were very strongly in favor of the working title of “Beautiful Code”, and I weighed in with my specific views on the [...]

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Beautiful Code

So my copy of Beautiful Code showed up last week. Although I am one of the (many) authors and I have thus had access to the entire book online for some time, I do all of my pleasure reading in venues that need the printed page (e.g. the J Church) and have therefore waited for [...]

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DTrace on the Scoble Show

For those who didn’t see it, Team DTrace was on the Scoble Show. As I mention at the end of the interview, this was the day after my younger son was born (if you look closely at my right wrist, you will note that I am still wearing my hospital bracelet in the interview). You [...]

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