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On Modalities and Misadventures

Part of the design center of Fishworks is to develop powerful infrastructure that is also easy to use, with the browser as the vector for that usability. So it’s been incredibly vindicating to hear some of the initial reaction to our first product, which uses words like “truly breathtaking” to describe the interface. But as [...]

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Fishworks: Now it can be told

In October 2005, longtime partner-in-crime Mike Shapiro and I were taking stock. Along with Adam Leventhal, we had just finished DTrace — and Mike had finished up another substantial body of work in FMA — and we were beginning to wonder about what was next. As we looked at Solaris 10, we saw an incredible [...]

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Concurrency’s Shysters

For as long as I’ve been in computing, the subject of concurrency has always induced a kind of thinking man’s hysteria. When I was coming up, the name of the apocalypse was symmetric multiprocessing — and its arrival was to be the Day of Reckoning for software. There seemed to be no end of doomsayers, [...]

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