Happy 10th Birthday, DTrace!

Ten years ago this morning — at 10:27a local time, to be exact — DTrace was integrated. On the occasion of DTrace’s fifth birthday a half-decade ago, I reflected on much of the drama of the final DTrace splashdown, but much has happend in the DTrace community in the last five years; some highlights:

And a bunch of other stuff that’s either more esoteric (e.g., llquantize) or that I now use so frequently that I’ve forgotten that there was a time that we didn’t have it (-x temporal FTW!). But if I could go back to my five-year-ago self, the most surprising development to my past-self may be how smoothly DTrace and its community survived the collapse of Sun and the craven re-closing of Solaris. It’s a testament to the power of open source and open communities that DTrace has — along with its operating system of record, illumos — emerged from these events empowered and invigorated. So I would probably show my past-self my LISA talk on the rise of illumos, and he and I would both get a good chuckle out of it all — and then no doubt erupt in fisticuffs over the technical impossibility of fds[] in the non-global zone

And lest anyone think that we’re done, the future is bright, as the El Dorado of user-land types in DTrace may be gleaming on the horizon courtesy of Adam and Robert Mustacchi. I think I speak on behalf of all of us in the broader DTrace community when I say that I’m very much looking forward to continuing to use, improve and expand DTrace for the next decade and beyond!

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