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Submitting to Systems We Love

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to Systems We Love! As simple as this concept is, Systems We Love — like Papers We Love, !!Con and others that inspired it — has tapped into a current of enthusiasm. Adam Leventhal captured this zeitgeist in a Hacker News comment: What catches our collective attention are [...]

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Systems We Love

One of the exciting trends of the past few years is the emergence of Papers We Love. I have long been an advocate of journal clubs, but I have also found that discussion groups can stagnate when confined to a fixed group or a single domain; by broadening the participants and encouraging presenters to select [...]

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Hacked by a bug?

Early this afternoon, I had just recorded a wide-ranging episode of Arrested DevOps with the incomparable Bridget Kromhout and noticed that I had a flurry of Twitter mentions, all in reaction to this tweet of mine. There was just one problem: I didn’t tweet it. With my account obviously hacked, I went into fight-or-flight mode [...]

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