I am a software engineer and currently VP of Engineering at Joyent. Prior to starting at Joyent, I worked for Sun Microsystems; posts during this time were written as an employee, and first appeared at this blog’s original home: http://blogs.sun.com/bmc.

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  1. Written by Dr. E
    on September 9, 2017 at 7:56 pm
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    I attended one of your DTrace classes at Joyent in SFO a few years back, and have been working in the industry for ~40 years now, including 25 at Sun and the last 7 at Big Red. I posted a response today to one of the comments on your thread viz. The Sudden Death and Eternal Lige of Solaris. It has already been posted. In retrospect I see a few typos and such that I wish I could edit. Is there a way to do that?

    As an aside I appriciate the blos postings you have made on this latest set of developments. I do not normally post responses to anything on the net however I felt a need to say something in response. Hope you can understand that, and that my views in no way detract from the value of what you and your team have done with continuing the development of what was once Solaris. Please keep up the good work you all are doing.

    Best Regards

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