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On Dreaming in Code

As I noted previously, I recently gave a Tech Talk at Google on DTrace. When I gave the talk, I was in the middle of reading Scott Rosenberg’s Dreaming in Code, and (for whatever poorly thought-out reason) I elected to use my dissatisfaction with the book as an entree into DTrace. I think that my [...]

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DTrace on QNX!

There are moments in anyone’s life that seem mundane at the time, but become pivotal in retrospect: that chance meeting of your spouse, or the job you applied for on a lark, or the inspirational course that you just stumbled upon. For me, one of those moments was in late December, 1993. I was a [...]

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DTrace, Leopard, and the business of open source

If you haven’t seen it, DTrace is now shipping in Mac OS X Leopard. This is very exciting for us here at Sun, but one could be forgiven for asking an obvious question: why? How is having our technology in Leopard (which, if Ars Technica is to be believed, is “perhaps the most significant change [...]

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DTrace on ONTAP?

As presumably many have seen, NetApp is suing Sun over ZFS. I was particularly disturbed to read Dave Hitz’s account, whereby we supposedly contacted NetApp 18 months ago requesting that they pay us “lots of money” (his words) for infringing our patents. Now, as a Sun patent holder, reading this was quite a shock: I’m [...]

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DTrace at Google

Recently, I gave a Tech Talk at Google on DTrace, the video for which is now online. If you’ve seen me present before and you don’t want to suffer through the same tired anecdotes, arcane jokes, and disturbing rants, jump ahead to about 57:16 to see a demo of DTrace for Python — and in [...]

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Caught on camera

Software is such an abstract domain that it is rare for a photograph to say much. But during his recent trip to OSCON, Adam snapped a photo that actually says quite a bit. For those who are curious, “jdub” is the nom de guerre of Jeff Waugh, who should really know better…

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On the beauty in Beautiful Code

I finished Beautiful Code this week, and have been reflecting on the book and its development. In particular, I have thought back to some of the authors’ discussion, in which some advocated a different title. Many of us were very strongly in favor of the working title of “Beautiful Code”, and I weighed in with my specific views on the [...]

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Beautiful Code

So my copy of Beautiful Code showed up last week. Although I am one of the (many) authors and I have thus had access to the entire book online for some time, I do all of my pleasure reading in venues that need the printed page (e.g. the J Church) and have therefore waited for [...]

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DTrace on the Scoble Show

For those who didn’t see it, Team DTrace was on the Scoble Show. As I mention at the end of the interview, this was the day after my younger son was born (if you look closely at my right wrist, you will note that I am still wearing my hospital bracelet in the interview). You [...]

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Alexander Morgan Gaffikin Cantrill

Our family is very happy to welcome its newest addition: Alexander Morgan Gaffikin Cantrill, born on June 17th at 3:22pm, and weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds, 7 ounces. (And that was five days early!) It’s amazing how much one forgets over nearly three years; I’ve found myself cramming on forgotten (if simple) ideas [...]

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