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DTrace at Joyent

Joyent — the originators of the Ruby 1.8.5 DTrace provider and Ruby 1.8.6 DTrace provider — have set up a dedicated DTrace site, which Jason and company discuss in their latest podcast. If you are a Rails shop that cares about performance (and, yes, they very much exist), the resources at the Joyent page should become invaluable to you. [...]

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The inculcation of systems thinking

As is known but perhaps not widely reported, all three of us on Team DTrace are products of Brown University Computer Science. More specifically, we were all students in (and later TAs for) Brown’s operating systems course, CS169. This course has been taught by the same professor, Tom Doeppner, over its thirty year lifetime, and [...]

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Ian Murdock joins Sun!

I know that I’ve been quiet for a while, and I promise that I (or rather, we) are close to talking about what we’ve been up to for the past year, but I wanted to first pop my head up to to highlight out some exciting news: Ian Murdock has joined Sun. I have always [...]

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DTrace on Rails, reprise

A little while ago, I blogged about DTrace on Rails. In particular, I promised that I would get diffs based on is-enabled probes out “shortly.” In giving a guest lecture for a class at Berkeley yesterday, I was reminded that I still hadn’t made this available. With my apologies for the many-months delay, the diff [...]

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DTrace on AIX?

So IBM has been on the warpath recently against OpenSolaris, culminating with their accusation yesterday that OpenSolaris is a “facade.” This is so obviously untrue that it’s not even worth refuting in detail. In fact, being the father of a toddler, I would liken IBM’s latest outburst to something of a temper tantrum — and [...]

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DTrace on Mac OS X!

From WWDC here in San Francisco: Apple has just announced support for DTrace in Leopard, the upcoming release of Mac OS X! Often (or even usually?) announcements at conferences are more vapor than ware. In this case, though, Apple is being quite modest: they have done a tremendous amount of engineering work to bring DTrace [...]

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DTrace on FreeBSD, update

A while ago, I blogged about the possibility of a FreeBSD port of DTrace. For the past few months, John Birrell has been hard at work on the port, and has announced recently that he has much of the core DTrace functionality working. Over here at DTrace Central, we’ve been excitedly watching John’s progress for a little while, providing help and guidance where [...]

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DTrace on Rails

First I need to apologize for having been absent for so long — I am very much heads-down on a new project. (The details of which will need to wait for another day, I’m afraid — but suffice it to say that it, like just about everything else I’ve done at Sun, leverages much of [...]

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DTrace for Linux

There are two ways to get DTrace for another operating system: you can try porting DTrace to the other system, or you can — as Adam Leventhal describes — use the new BrandZ framework to get that other system running under Solaris. Adam describes applying DTrace to a Linux binary – top – and using DTrace to find a (pretty serious) Linux-specific [...]

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Welcome to ZFS!

If you haven’t already seen it, ZFS is now available for download, marking a major milestone in the history of filesystems. Today is a way station down a long road: for as long as I have known Jeff Bonwick, he has wanted to solve the filesystem problem — and about five years ago, Jeff set out to do just that, starting (as Jeff is [...]

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