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Reflecting on The Soul of a New Machine

Long ago as an undergraduate, I found myself back home on a break from school, bored and with eyes wandering idly across a family bookshelf. At school, I had started to find a calling in computing systems, and now in the den, an old book suddenly caught my eye: Tracy Kidder’s The Soul of a [...]

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A EULA in FOSS clothing?

There was a tremendous amount of reaction to and discussion about my blog entry on the midlife crisis in open source. As part of this discussion on HN, Jay Kreps of Confluent took the time to write a detailed response — which he shortly thereafter elevated into a blog entry. Let me be clear that [...]

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Open source confronts its midlife crisis

Midlife is tough: the idealism of youth has faded, as has inevitably some of its fitness and vigor. At the same time, the responsibilities of adulthood have grown: the kids that were such a fresh adventure when they were infants and toddlers are now grappling with their own transition into adulthood — and you try [...]

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Assessing software engineering candidates

Note: This blog entry reproduces RFD 151. Comments are encouraged in the discussion for RFD 151. How does one assess candidates for software engineering positions? This is an age-old question without a formulaic answer: software engineering is itself too varied to admit a single archetype. Most obviously, software engineering is intellectually challenging; it demands minds [...]

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Should KubeCon be double-blind?

With a paltry 13% acceptance rate, KubeCon is naturally going to generate a lot of disappointment — the vast, vast majority of proposals aren’t being accepted. But as several have noted, a small number of vendors account for a significant number of accepted talks. Is this an issue? In particular, review for KubeCon isn’t double-blind; [...]

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The relative performance of C and Rust

My blog post on falling in love with Rust got quite a bit of attention — with many being surprised by what had surprised me as well: the high performance of my naive Rust versus my (putatively less naive?) C. However, others viewed it as irresponsible to report these performance differences, believing that these results [...]

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Falling in love with Rust

Let me preface this with an apology: this is a technology love story, and as such, it’s long, rambling, sentimental and personal. Also befitting a love story, it has a When Harry Met Sally feel to it, in that its origins are inauspicious… First encounters Over a decade ago, I worked on a technology to [...]

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Talks I have given (including bonus tracks!)

Increasingly, some people have expressed the strange urge to binge-watch my presentations. This potentially self-destructive behavior seems likely to have unwanted side-effects like spontaneous righteous indignation, superfluous historical metaphor, and near-lethal exposure to tangential anecdote — and yet I find myself compelled to enable it by collecting my erstwhile scattered talks. While this blog entry [...]

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The sudden death and eternal life of Solaris

As had been rumored for a while, Oracle effectively killed Solaris on Friday. When I first saw this, I had assumed that this was merely a deep cut, but in talking to Solaris engineers still at Oracle, it is clearly much more than that. It is a cut so deep as to be fatal: the [...]

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Reflections on Systems We Love

Last Tuesday, several months of preparation came to fruition in the inaugural Systems We Love. You never know what’s going to happen the first time you get a new kind of conference together (especially one as broad as this one!) but it was, in a word, amazing. The content was absolutely outstanding, with attendee after [...]

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