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vmstat(1M) is a widely used tool for system performance analysis, but also one that tricky to understand. I’ve recently been giving performance talks, which include a quick explanation of metrics from common tools including vmstat. Afterwards it has been stressed to me how useful that has been for the audience, and so to share this more widely we’ve made some short videos.

The videos that follow are for vmstat(1M) on Solaris-based operating systems, including Joyent’s SmartOS. All are available here: vmstat videos, and embedded below:

vmstat: Key Fields

vmstat: All the Fields

vmstat: Scope

For further information, I recommend reading the source code behind vmstat and the metrics, and also the book Solaris Performance and Tools (which I co-authored). That book includes a detailed explanation of the vmstat metrics and of the Operating System internals which they reflect, and shows how other tools including DTrace can provide further information.

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