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DTracing in Anger

My Macbook has becomeso sluggish that it feels like I’m typing ove a 9600 baud modem aagn. Or 2400. It’s alo droping keystokes – which is irritatng as hll – so please forgive theapparent tyos and mistakes. It comes and goes each minute, so thiswhole post isn’t too bad. Usually I cn see what’s wrng [...]

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dtrace.conf 2012 videos

Last month was dtrace.conf 2012, the 2nd DTrace unconference. This is a meetup of DTrace practitioners and developers, where we discuss the latest uses, developments and future directions of the technology. It was great to see old friends of DTrace, and to put new faces to names. See the video list for the sessions, which, [...]

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2000x performance win

I recently helped analyze a performance issue in an unexpected but common place, where the fix improved performance of a task by around 2000x (two thousand times faster). As this is short, interesting and useful, I’ve reproduced it here in a lab environment to share details and screenshots. Issue In a production SmartOS cloud environment, [...]

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