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DTrace variable types

When using DTrace it is important to understand variable types and when each should be used. Using the wrong type can increase the overhead of your DTrace script, leading to degraded performance and DTrace error messages (“dynamic variable drops”). When discussing this with someone recently, we hit upon a neat way to explain it: listing [...]

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Top 10 DTrace scripts for Mac OS X

Since version 10.5 “Leopard”, Mac OS X has had DTrace, a tool used for performance analysis and troubleshooting. It provides data for Apple’s Instruments tool, as well as a collection of command line tools that are implemented as DTrace scripts. I’m familiar with the latter as I wrote the originals for the DTraceToolkit, which Apple [...]

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DTrace Book short videos

The DTrace book was launched earlier this year, and I just filmed a couple of new short videos about it. Here are: DTrace book Introduction DTrace book and Solaris 11 You may also like to see some of the other videos I’ve had filmed in the past, many of which include DTrace demos.

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