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Latency Art: X marks the spot

Here is another example of latency art (interesting I/O latency heat maps). This is a screenshot from Analytics on the Sun Storage 7000 series. The configuration was 2 JBODs (48 disks) configured with mirroring, and a single NFS client performing a synchronous write workload (opened with O_DSYNC), from one thread writing 8 Kbyte I/O sequentially. [...]

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My Sun Storage 7310 perf limits

As part of my role in Fishworks, I push systems to their limits to investigate and solve bottlenecks. Limits can be useful to consider as a possible upper bound of performance – as it shows what the target can do. I previously posted my results for the Sun Storage 7410, which is our current top [...]

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Heat Map Analytics

I’ve been recently posting screenshots of heat maps from Analytics – the observability tool shipped with the Sun Storage 7000 series. These heat maps are especially interesting, which I’ll describe here in more detail. Introduction To start with, when you first visit Analytics you have an empty worksheet and need to add statistics to plot. [...]

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