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Visualizing the Cloud

I’ve worked on visualizations for a while, most recently with heatmaps for Joyent’s Cloud Analytics. While we’re using and enhancing these right now, we are also in a great position to continue developing new visualizations for cloud computing, given: Easy observability into all nodes via zones, and deeper analysis using DTrace. JavaScript and node.js to [...]

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Observing Observer: A Cloud Analytics Case Study

On the weekend of August 27-29, Joyent hosted Node Knockout 2011, a 48-hour coding competition for node.js developers from around the world, working individually or in teams. The contest entries were all hosted on Joyent’s platform, running on SmartDataCenter and SmartOS. The winning entry was Observer by Arnout Kazemeir, a service which “allows you [...]

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Cloud Analytics: first video

The video for the Cloud Analytics talk that Bryan Cantrill and I recently gave was streamed live on ustream and available online immediately after. It’s now available edited and in hires. Bryan Cantrill and Brendan Gregg at Joyent Just before the talk, I took screenshots of each of the demos I wanted to give, to [...]

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