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A New Challenge

About two years ago Joyent began offering Linux instances, running under KVM, stored on ZFS, and secured by Zones (“double hull virtualization”). Since then, I’ve been doing more and more work on Linux performance as customers deploy on these instances. It’s been fascinating to work on both the illumos and Linux kernels at the same [...]

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I’m now working at Joyent as a software developer and performance specialist. It’s an exciting role where I can work on interesting and new performance problems in cloud computing, as well as innovate in this space as part of a team of top software engineers. In some ways it is similar to the role I [...]

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G’Day and Goodbye

In 2006 I received a phone call from Bryan Cantrill of Sun Microsystems, inviting me to join a new team, Fishworks. In four years I’ve learned and accomplished a lot, and worked with many talented people. We achieved our goal, shipped an amazing product, and made an ambitious dream a reality. It’s been a privilege [...]

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