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Solaris 11 DTrace syscall Provider Changes

Oracle Solaris 11 dropped many commonly used probes from the DTrace syscall provider, a disappointing side-effect of some code refactoring in the system call trap table (PSARC 2010/441 “delete obsolete system call traps”). This breaks a lot of scripts and one liners, including many that are used to teach beginners DTrace. Functionality is still (I [...]

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vmstat videos

vmstat(1M) is a widely used tool for system performance analysis, but also one that tricky to understand. I’ve recently been giving performance talks, which include a quick explanation of metrics from common tools including vmstat. Afterwards it has been stressed to me how useful that has been for the audience, and so to share this [...]

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Audio Volume CLI

While Solaris has a fancy GNOME based desktop called JDS3, other desktop environments are available and work fine. FVWM2 is a fast alternative with a modest set of features, and is available on the Software Companion CD (which you may already have a copy of). If you have installed fvwm2 from the companion CD and [...]

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