Benchmarking the Cloud

Benchmarking, and benchmarking the cloud, is incredibly error prone. I provided guidance though this minefield in the benchmarking chapter of my book (Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud); that chapter can be read online on the InformIT site. I also gave a lightning talk about benchmarking gone wrong at Surge last year. In this post, [...]

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Active Benchmarking

Benchmarking is often done badly: tools are run ad-hoc, without understanding what they are testing or checking that the results are valid. This can lead to poor architectural choices that haunt you later on. I previously summarized this situation as: casual benchmarking: you benchmark A, but actually measure B, and conclude you’ve measured C. In [...]

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Performance Testing the 7000 series, part 3 of 3

For performance testing storage products, in particular the Sun Storage 7000 series, I previously posted the top 10 suggestions for performance testing, and the little stuff to check. Here I’ll post load generation scripts I’ve been using to measure the limits of the Sun Storage 7410 (people have been asking for these.) Load Generation Scripts [...]

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