DTrace book sample chapter: File Systems

The long awaited DTrace book, which I posted as coming soon in September last year, is finally ready to be printed! Since then it has been through copy-edit, composition, formatting and indexing. It’s taken a while, due in part to this being an 1100 page book. It’s exciting to now see the final copy that [...]

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New Videos

Some new videos have been posted of myself and others speaking about DTrace and performance, including: Introduction to the DTrace Book What’s in the DTrace Book? Performance: Interrupts How to Build Better Applications with Oracle Solaris DTrace Enjoy!

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DTrace book coming soon

Jim Mauro and I recently handed the manuscript for the DTrace book to the publisher, which (unformatted) came in at over 900 pages. It covers using DTrace, complementary to the DTrace Guide, and should serve as a cookbook of DTrace scripts and one-liners for topics spanning the entire software stack. It also contains strategies and [...]

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