Subsecond Offset Heat Maps

“Wow, that’s weird!”. My subsecond offset visualization type looked great, but others found it weird and unfamiliar. I developed it for inclusion in Joyent’s Cloud Analytics tool for the purposes of workload characterization. Given that it was so unfamiliar, I had some explaining to do. Voxer, a company that makes a walkie-talkie application for smart [...]

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Observing Observer: A Cloud Analytics Case Study

On the weekend of August 27-29, Joyent hosted Node Knockout 2011, a 48-hour coding competition for node.js developers from around the world, working individually or in teams. The contest entries were all hosted on Joyent’s platform, running on SmartDataCenter and SmartOS. The winning entry was Observer by Arnout Kazemeir, a service which “allows you [...]

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File System Latency: part 5

This is part 5 of File System Latency, a series on storage I/O performance from the application perspective (see parts 1, 2, 3 and 4). Previously I explained why disk I/O metrics may not reflect application performance, and how some file system issues may be invisible at the disk I/O level. I then showed how [...]

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