DTracing in Anger

My Macbook has becomeso sluggish that it feels like I’m typing ove a 9600 baud modem aagn. Or 2400. It’s alo droping keystokes – which is irritatng as hll – so please forgive theapparent tyos and mistakes. It comes and goes each minute, so thiswhole post isn’t too bad. Usually I cn see what’s wrng [...]

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DTrace Training

I’ve been developing a 2 day DTrace training course, which I’ll deliver in San Francisco on September 6th this year. The course materials include a copy of the DTrace book, written by myself and Jim Mauro. This course focuses on how to use DTrace: In particular, how to analyze performance issues and troubleshoot mysterious errors. [...]

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10 Performance Wins

I work on weird and challenging performance issues in the cloud, often deep inside the operating system kernel. These have made for some interesting blog posts in the past, but there’s a lot more I don’t have time to share in that much detail. Here, I’ve summarized ten recent issues that myself and the other [...]

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