Observing Observer: A Cloud Analytics Case Study

On the weekend of August 27-29, Joyent hosted Node Knockout 2011, a 48-hour coding competition for node.js developers from around the world, working individually or in teams. The contest entries were all hosted on Joyent’s no.de platform, running on SmartDataCenter and SmartOS. The winning entry was Observer by Arnout Kazemeir, a service which “allows you [...]

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NFS Analytics example

I just tracked down a minor performance issue on my desktop in a couple of minutes, and thought it may make a good example to follow as it demonstrates using Analytics along with dtrace, truss, snoop and kstats – really the entire suite of perf tools I regularly use on Solaris. I was downloading a [...]

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Networking Analytics Example

I just setup a new Sun Storage 7410, and found a performance issue using Analytics. People have been asking for examples of Analytics in use, so I need to blog these as I find them. This one is regarding network throughput, and while simple – it demonstrates the value of high level data and some [...]

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