File System Latency: part 2

This is part 2 of File System Latency, a series on storage I/O performance from the application perspective. In the first part I explained why disk I/O is difficult to associate with an application, and why it can be altered from what the application requested. In this part I’ll focus more on the file system, [...]

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File System Latency: part 1

When considering I/O performance from the perspective of applications, file systems can prove to be a better target for analysis than disks. With modern file systems using more DRAM-based cache and performing more asynchronous disk I/O, what the application experiences can vastly differ to what the disks are doing. I’ll demonstrate this by examining I/O [...]

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DTrace book talk SFOSUG

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 9th) I’ll give a talk at SFOSUG about DTrace Book highlights, especially from Chapter 5 File Systems, which is available to download and read beforehand as a sample chapter. We’ll also have one pre-print copy to give out to one lucky guest. Here is a text-based screenshot of DTracing file systems to [...]

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