Control T for TENEX

I recently wrote about FreeBSD, and while on that OS I ran “sleep 5″ then hit Control-T: freebsd10$ sleep 5 load: 0.67 cmd: sleep 90628 [nanslp] 0.92r 0.00u 0.00s 0% 1464k sleep: about 4 second(s) left out of the original 5 Wow! This prints the “load:” and “sleep:” status lines, showing information about the process. [...]

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The USE Method: FreeBSD Performance Checklist

In this post, I’ll provide an example USE Method-based performance checklist for FreeBSD, for identifying common bottlenecks and errors. This is intended to be used early in a performance investigation, before moving onto more time consuming methodologies. This should be helpful for anyone using FreeBSD, especially system administrators. This was developed on FreeBSD 10.0 alpha, [...]

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